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Innovative Solar Screening Fabrics for optimal glare and heat control

is strategically positioned in the Solar Protections market thanks to its use of non-coated and coated glass yarn for the manufacture of solar screens for roller blinds, blackout, or dim-out blinds. Always with end user well-being in mind, applies the sciences of optics and daylighting when designing its solar screens. Several years of work have gone into developing a simple idea: the application of new scientific knowledge in the design of products resulting in new innovative solar screens such as Screen+, Screen2, ScreenNature, ScreenProgress.

S-classic The optimal solar protection - Screen fabric for external and internal roller blinds - The classic indoor & outdoor satin weave for optimal solar protection.

S-vision Optimal vision to the outside - Screen fabric for internal roller blinds - Basketweave screen providing optimal view to the outside – available in 1%, 3%, 5% and 10% Openness Factor.

S-2 Combine Visual Comfort and thermal performance S-2 is the most efficient fabric in terms of visual comfort and thermal protection for interior blinds. What makes it so technically advanced is that it is designed with a double sided weave using yarns of two distinct colors: white facing the outside, providing optimum thermal efficiency and a darker color for the inside, offering excellent visual comfort at the workstation. Screen² is available in 3 different openness factors which makes it possible to choose the blind best adapted as a function of the latitude of the building site and the orientation of the façade.

S+ One fabric, two levels of solar protection: S+ allows perfect control of lighting at the workstation. Screen Plus is a highly innovative product offering two separate levels of solar protection. This ensures maximum comfort for the user including benefits from increased light and transparency. Tests have shown that Screen Plus clearly improves visual comfort and working conditions. It provides between 50% and 100% more light than a traditional blind, while completely controlling reflection and glare on computer screens.

S-progress Progressive solar control - Interior screen with progressive density designed for glass curtain walls - A screen for a progressive light control.

S-classic The environmental friendly screen - PVC free and halogen free Screen fabric for internal roller blinds – very thin and lightweight basketweave pvc free screen available in 3% and 5% Openness Factor.

S-nature Blackout fabric for external and internal roller blinds - The classic blackout range of pvc coated fabrics.

S-nature The environmental friendly Blackout - PVC Free translucent, Dim out (with reflective coating) and blackout fabrics for internal vertical blinds and roller blinds - Privacy and heat control.

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